Fix Scratch Disc Or Fix Scratch Disk: Which Is Which?

In our modern world, everything is touched by technology. It makes our lives more comfortable and more convenient, from the way we record things for posterity to the way we communicate. But technology has its failures too. Have you ever tried to fix a scratched disk? Have you ever tried to fix a scratched disc? Is it the same gadget but different name? Well, except for the fact that both of them are circular, they are different – a disk is a magnetic media while a disc is an optical media. This distinction is important because attempting to fix a scratched disk is best left to technical persons while trying to fix a scratched disc can be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. If you attempt to fix a scratched disk, you might just be doing more harm � it is mechanical damage that you are looking at, not a simple scratch. A professional is best suited to fix a scratched disk than you ever could do. However, trying to fix a scratched disc is easier. You can always clean the disc with water or rubbing alcohol, or you can polish it with toothpaste, or you can wax it. However, not all of these DIY ways is successful and can only lead to more damage if not done properly. It is better to take your scratched/damages discs to a professional, especially when the data contained therein is valuable to you. These discs could be your wedding, your children’s graduation, or a sentimental gift and you want to get the job done by professionals.

One such professional offering disc repair services is the appropriately named Disc Repair Services ( company located in Ventura, California. Those living in other places or are too busy to visit their office can avail of their excellent services � they actually make it easy and convenient for you! Just log-on to their website, then select �Repairs� and enter your details. You will be required details such as mode of payment (credit card or PayPal), the number of discs for repair, and billing information. A postage-paid envelope will be sent to you, place your scratched discs into the envelope, seal it, put it in the mailbox, and you get better discs in just a few days. And if cannot wait for the envelope, you can also mail them your discs together with your check payment and you get the same excellent service. They also offer rush services when you want your discs right away. Disc Repair Services can fix a scratched disc from data CDs and DVDs, film DVDs, HD-DVD & Blu-ray discs, audio CDs, camcorder mini DVDs, Xbox and Xbox 360 discs, PlayStation 1,2&3 discs, Wii discs, to GameCube discs. The best guarantee that Disc Repair Services gives its customers is that it promises to fix your discs or your money back. To ensure customer satisfaction, they can only accept repairable discs and will reject cracked, melted, and foil-absent discs. These are beyond repair and you are better off buying new discs. Disc Repair Services also offers affiliate membership where you get a portion of the sales referred to them by you. They will supply all the materials and advertising, and provide for the business cards and prizes. Thus, have the opportunity to avail of excellent data recovery services and of profiting from it.