Diy Fix Scratched Disk Or Professional Fix Scratched Disc?

For most people, the two words, disk and disc, have definitely the same pronunciation and the same meaning, and thus are interchangeable. However, they do have different etymologies and distinct technical meanings. It is an important differentiation because how to fix a scratched disk and how to fix a scratched disc are poles apart.

A disc refers to optical media while a disk refers to magnetic media. Discs include audio CDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, or DVD-video disc, while disks include floppy disks, an external hard drive, and even iPod. So before you go about tinkering, be sure you know what it is and what it is not.

There are several recommended ways to fix a scratched disc, in the do-it-yourself tradition. First, you can clean it by using warm water and soap. Second, you can polish it. You can put toothpaste (the baking soda type or the paste type, not the gel type) on a soft; clean cloth. You can even use the humble banana and its peel! Regardless of the polishing agent you use, just remember never to rub in a circular motion. Instead, rub the disc in a radial motion by starting at the disc’s center and then rubbing out to the edge. Third, you can wax the disc. If these three ways fail to fix a scratched disc and the contents are valuable to you, then it is time to contact a professional.
However, attempting to fix a scratched disk is more complicated. Mechanical damage is usually present in a scratched disk. The damage is not as easily fixed by a non-technical person especially as repairing it would involve technical expertise and even software programs and hardware. In this case, we recommend that you fix a scratched disk by bringing it to a professional. Indeed, trying to fix a scratched disk is not one for amateurs, novices, and technophobes.
When you need professionals to do the job of fixing your discs, contact the Disc Repair Services ( They can fix a scratched disc quickly and conveniently, even without going to their office. You can send them your scratched/damaged discs in two ways. First, you can visit their website, click on �Repair,� and fill in your details. They will fill send you a postage-paid envelope, you put your discs inside, then you leave them in your mailbox. After a few days, you will get shiny, almost-new discs! Second, if want to mail them the discs without waiting for their envelope, you can send your discs in an envelope together with your name, e-mail address and return postal address to them. Charges are collected in advance, either through credit card, PayPal, or a check. But there is no need to worry � they will refund the amount if they cannot fix a scratched disc that they have accepted. However, this is unlikely to happen as 95% of their discs are repaired. You see, they only accept discs that are repairable, but not cracked discs, melted discs, or discs where the foil has peeled off the disc. They like to live up to their promise of quick and easy disc repair services. So basically, you have to nothing to lose when you avail of their services � it is quick, easy, hassle-free, and with a money-back guarantee. You really can’t lose with Disc Repair Services.